Sudden Wealth Paradox: Managing Your Money

1 October, 2018

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When a financial windfall happens – from the sale of a business, the sale of a house or farm, an inheritance, or even lottery winnings – you would think you’d be on easy streets. But, sudden wealth can play havoc with your emotions, your relationshi... Read More

Estate planning may be more difficult for a blended family.

15 September, 2018

While the largest wealth transfer in Canadian history is happening, we are also observing a lack of communication between parents and children. According to a recent IPC Private Wealth poll, 58% of Canadians haven’t had this talk with their heirs, 46... Read More

The Sudden Wealth Paradox: Part 1

1 September, 2018

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The Sudden Wealth Paradox is a two-part article guiding you through both the emotional and financial aspects of suddenly receiving a large amount of money. The surprise is – it’s not all easy streets.... Read More

Quarterly Program Commentary: Value and the U.S

20 July, 2018

Quarterly Program Commentary: Value and the U.S... Read More

Investing and Planning with a Professional

1 May, 2017

How investors benefit from the value of financial advice. We are living in a time of significant change in financial markets and economies around the world.... Read More

Taking Advantage of TFSAs

1 March, 2017

One question that often arises is whether it’s better to invest in a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) or Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). If possible, why not consider both?... Read More

The Risk/Return Trade-Off

1 February, 2017

Over the long term, higher-risk investments, such as equities, have historically tended to outperform lower-risk investments, such as bonds and money market instruments.... Read More

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