When a Spousal RRSP Still Makes Sense

1 November, 2018

A spousal Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is all about paying less tax during retirement. The higher income spouse contributes to the plan during working years, but withdrawals in retirement are favorably taxed in the hands of the lower inc... Read More

Quarterly Program Commentary: Looking Beyond the Noise

19 October, 2018

This quarter, Wayne Gillespie, Director & Senior Portfolio Strategist, discusses how trade wars, interest rates and monetary policies are affecting Canadian and international markets. He also speaks to “market noise” and why recent downturns are a si... Read More

Planning Your Financial Future

15 October, 2018

Filed Under: Financial Planning

Planning Your Financial Future. Major life events can have a dramatic effect on your financial plan. Younger adults face the task of learning how to manage spending and saving.... Read More

Sudden Wealth Paradox: Managing Your Money

1 October, 2018

Filed Under: Wealth Management

When a financial windfall happens – from the sale of a business, the sale of a house or farm, an inheritance, or even lottery winnings – you would think you’d be on easy streets. But, sudden wealth can play havoc with your emotions, your relationshi... Read More

Estate planning may be more difficult for a blended family.

15 September, 2018

While the largest wealth transfer in Canadian history is happening, we are also observing a lack of communication between parents and children. According to a recent IPC Private Wealth poll, 58% of Canadians haven’t had this talk with their heirs, 46... Read More

The Sudden Wealth Paradox: Part 1

1 September, 2018

Filed Under: Wealth Management

The Sudden Wealth Paradox is a two-part article guiding you through both the emotional and financial aspects of suddenly receiving a large amount of money. The surprise is – it’s not all easy streets.... Read More

How much income will you need in retirement?

15 August, 2018

Filed Under: Retirement Planning

A recent survey found that nearly half of retirees retired earlier than planned, due to circumstances beyond their control.1 It’s a reality for all of us, that unforeseen events may cause us to retire earlier or later than expected, and it’s more imp... Read More

Quarterly Program Commentary: Value and the U.S

20 July, 2018

Quarterly Program Commentary: Value and the U.S... Read More

Navigating Through Your Life Events

15 July, 2018

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Valued Advice

1 July, 2018

Advisors have historically helped their clients grow their assets 3.9 times more than non-advised individuals over a 15-year period. That’s a stunning figure by any measure.... Read More

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